December 29, 2009

There seems to be a void in me
It floats around, aimlessly
Like a rift in the sea, I wonder
How this could be,
As my ears tune in thunder
Splitting me asunder

Revolving around this daily routine
Spiraling around this computer screen
Trying hard to find the spaces in between
How many years I’ve lived, nineteen
Most of them have been completely unseen
Even when I thought my head was clean

Alive and curious
Angry, but not furious,
Searching for a love
One down to Earth, not above
When reflecting now, it seems funny
Because all anyone knows, is money

It’s hard to be happy
And not be sappy,
For a frown gives motivation
It’s that frown, that brings creation
A foundation for salvation
The true sensation of celebration
And it’s all out of desperation

To find the one to call my own
I am so tired of being alone
Thankfully I have my friends back
They bring fourth the unknown,
And with laughs as their weapon
They attack



December 3, 2009

Lines are the essence of thought
Premeditated determination I have sought
But no lines have quite sufficed
The lines of a ballerina are all I want to draw
I long to talk to her, my smile she plans to heist
She exists to torture me, mentally, she knows not one flaw
As my pencil moves, I am in awe
At the power she unknowingly possesses
She is present only in my mind
Her hair flows as she dances, like a trillion dresses
Her laughter makes me blind.

Back In The Field

November 17, 2009

Back in the field behind my home
I find that I am all alone
Talking to myself to keep silent
Trying hard not to be violent
As the wind blew, I was moved
My thoughts on beauty were proved
As all the pale things fell to the Earth
I felt not a single feeling of worth
A moment of clarity, a rebirth
A peace of mind I found in that field
Standing there, with my lips sealed
Watching the grass dance
I was in a trance
I could not be sad or down
I even tried to muster a frown
But it did not work, I could only drown
In happiness and smiles
The trip was worthwhile
It appears my reality was on trial
But I didn’t care
I was well aware
Of the transcendental bliss
This I couldn’t miss
The breeze blew me a gentle kiss
And on this day, I reminisce

November 15, 2009

I am young and I have passion
My lack of fashion is a distraction
I am stupid and I am bored
Constantly ignored
I am enslaved, but I am learning
Whilst you sit there, yearning
I am ecstatic but apathetic
Underrated but poetic
Sober and artistic
Realistic and pessimistic
Hated by many, loved by few
Biting off more than I can chew
But my curiosity only grew
As I learned to look at you
O! What a great view
If only you knew
What is, and isn’t true
I want to pull you through
A place of infinite blue
With other shades too
Overwhelmingly bright
We would never fight
For we could both be right
Unaware and out of sight
I don’t know why I even write
I’m sure it doesn’t delight
It’s about the same ol’ stuff
Nothing but a big bluff
Some would say it’s all fluff
Maybe it is, maybe it’s not
All I know is that I think a lot
As I begin to be forgot
It’s all been said before
So walk through the door at your core
Familiar fervor you do implore
My words you will soon ignore
Lost in the oblivion of “there must be more”
So fall to the floor
Sing sweet songs on the shore
Learn to walk and explore
Forget your rapport
You can’t use it anymore
As the coffee begins to pour
You are the one that I adore
And I want more


November 8, 2009

You can’t escape Gravity for free
No amount of ingenuity
Can make you float fluidly.
Most can’t read between the lines
But those whom can see all kinds of
I don’t want to compromise
I want to question and learn
To feel and discern
My own perceptions of reality
I long to embrace my own mortality
To reach that perfect point of frailty
We need that animosity
Being the animals we are
It’s art that is truly bizarre
No matter what the style
It reaches near and far
It’s the only thing worthwhile
To be truly versatile
If I could run about, being the animal I am
If only people didn’t give a “God” damn
Maybe then we could find peace
Only then could our hatred cease
Love is a vital piece
No need for a government or police
No need for religion or God
Sure, it would be new and odd
But why are we so afraid of change?
Are we that paralyzed and deranged?
The places where we are, we cannot exchange
We are set to a lifetime of helplessness
The only feeling of sadness
We have all been a witness
To this unholy feeling
Starring at the ceiling
The need for healing
Comes from the mind
Don’t be blind
Like the rest of mankind
Don’t be afraid to


November 5, 2009

Belligerently numb and confused,
We are all senseless and slow,
By the hierarchy we are being used,
I have been abandoned here to woe.
A lonely gift I have to bestow,
You will never know,
Our asphyxiation is tenfold,
And it continues to grow.
Our lungs we cannot sew,
They are bloody, corroded, raw
We are all just going with the flow,
As the congress passes this bill into law.
We must give our creative thinking to them,
We are now as useless as a tree stem.

The Dance Of The Tree’s

November 5, 2009

Leaves are flowing
They twirl with an elegant bliss
It is incredibly hard to miss
Anticipation is growing
Flying the direction I am going
They send me a fragile kiss
Benighted I am by the abyss
It helps me to reminisce
The dance of the tree’s is all-knowing
Inside of me is a great yearning
To feel the breeze of the autumn night
But as I drive I adjust my glasses
And all the sudden my car starts turning
Out of control I start to recite
A silent sonnet to the masses
As my body begins burning

On Hallow’s Eve

October 31, 2009

Stingy Jack sits at a table with the Devil
They drink the darkest ale available
Although, Jack didn’t want to pay for his drink
So the Devil turned into a coin, which he then put into his pocket
Right next to a silver cross, a locket
This prevented the Devil from coming back
This is the story of Stingy Jack

Jack of the Lantern, using burning coal to path the way
Residing in Hell now, this is where Jack is to forever stay
Right before the grand day of Harvest, the spirits are not at rest
Under your bed tonight, you will gave an unexpected guest
A maiden so fair, but so deviant as well
Waiting to cast her lustful spell
So say your farewell
Your story I will tell

I Am Simply Not Here

October 31, 2009

Don’t try communicating with me
I am simply not here
Don’t tell me this country is free
I am aware you are not sincere
Don’t tell me your bullshit decree
Legality means nothing to me
Don’t watch your radiant T.V.
All it shows is fallacy
Don’t pay attention to the beauty of the sea
Instead create the illusion of a banshee

Within your own frail mind
You are truly blind
Praying to the divine, you are
Wasting your one and only life
Bowing down and praising, so afraid
As your consciousness slowly starts to fade
You are numb, and you call this bliss
Well I call it bullshit
You are just attempting to evade
Feeding children a deceiving serenade
Indoctrination on those with weaker minds
Lies? You have all kinds!


October 31, 2009

So close is a gesture of oneself
The gesture is more individual than the individual themselves
It lasts forever, a sweet melody of expressionism
A smile, or a petty wave
Something so brave
Can last until we reach the grave
And it can save.

“Myths which are perpetuated tend to become true”
Well you lie to me, what kind of friend are you?
Humanity is definitely up for review
Not by a God or celestial entity
But by Mother Nature
I want her to split this world in two
With no regard to the ant that festers on her surface
Humanity will fall, and I will be happy for Her
To reclaim Her own land and to gawk at how petty we were
How ungrateful and hateful we have been
One might compare us to a filthy pig pin
We all know that this shit lies to us from within
When will we work together and help one another?